Lifetime Achievement Awards

In 2002 our Board of Directors recognized the fact there were many who came before us. Individuals, and families who were instrumental developing the Buckskin Horse Association of Michigan were selfless people with foresight, and conviction, determined to promote the Buckskin horse as an individual. These are people that worked tirelessly, as families, and individuals, to develop the foundation of this organization. The goal of the Lifetime Achievement committee is to recognize and appreciate their effort, and to show our appreciation of their contribution to this organization.

At the same time, it was recognized that there were some very grand old horses that carried some of these people and their children. Geldings, which were tried and true warriors of the show pen. Horses, that carried child and adult through the endless hours of training and exhibition without complaint, family horses. Mares, that not only performed well, but also passed success to their offspring, continuing the lineage. Of course the Stallions, which passed on their winning traits, abilities, and demeanors, which would allow yet another generation of young people the pleasure of knowing the feeling of good horses under control and willing to perform.

It is for these reasons that the Lifetime Achievement Award may be given each year, rewarding excellence in effort and success.


ROYE MEIS & DUTCH BAR BANDIT:  1ST Recipients of the Lifetime Achievement Award

1ST Recipients of the Lifetime Achievement Award