The BHAM Youth Scholarship was created to benefit those outstanding youth who excel in the classroom as well as in the show ring. If you have shown with BHAM for at least one year, are now in the 14-18 year old division of either ABRA or All Color classes, have qualified for year-end awards and the Jr. BHAM year end prizes, and have at least a 3.0 grade point average than this may be an opportunity for you!  The BHAM scholarship can be used at a community college or a university of your choice.  This year BHAM is looking for another outstanding youth to assist him or her with college expenses.   If this sounds like an opportunity that you are interested in, all you have to do is fill out a scholarship packet.

Good Luck!

Jr. BHAM Scholarship Guidelines


How the scholarship money is acquired and maintained:

  • The Jr. BHAM membership money and the proceeds of the Silent Auction at the All American Buckskin Horse Congress are to go directly into the Jr. BHAM Scholarship fund and reported accordingly in the BHAM Treasurer’s Report at the Annual meeting in November.
  • Other monies may be donated to the fund by individual or corporate sponsorships, fundraisers, Jr. BHAM, and/or the BHAM Board of Directors.
  • The designated scholarship money will be deposited into a higher interest investment account to guarantee the fund will produce income.
  • The scholarship award will be at least but not limited to $500 per scholarship recipient each year provided funds are available.

How the winner of the Jr. BHAM Scholarship is selected:

  • A selection committee consisting of at least 5 BHAM members in good standing that are not related to the youth, by either a family or business relationship, currently competing for the scholarship. This committee may consist of but not be limited to the Jr. BHAM Director and/or Youth Advisor, 1 or 2 BHAM board members, and 1 or 2 active BHAM members. The Jr. BHAM Director is responsible for assembling this committee. This committee, once assembled will agree on two questions that will be given to the applicants in advance and one question that will be an impromptu question for the interview.
  • Points are awarded for the following: Application, Essay, Volunteer Review, Interview, and, equally important, the observations of each applicant’s conduct and character at BHAM shows and activities.  Copies of each applicant’s score sheets may be made available to them, upon request, after the scholarship winner is determined.
  • Membership criteria must be met as outlined in the Jr. BHAM Scholarship Criteria document.

Scholarship competition timeline:

  • April/May and June BHAM shows – Scholarship packets are made available at the show and on our website to ABRA and ALL COLOR youth in the 14-18 division who have met the membership requirements outlined in the Jr. BHAM Scholarship Criteria document.
  • June BHAM Show (Saturday) – Application and essay is due to the Jr. BHAM Director and presented for scoring and review by the selection committee. Applicants are introduced to the selection committee.
  • August – A formal interview with the selection committee will be scheduled. Alternative dates may be offered to accommodate schedules. In the event that a selection committee member is unable to attend an interview, the average score of the interview portion of the score sheets of the other committee members will be substituted in place of the absent member’s interview score.
  • August 15 – Deadline for the Volunteer Review to be mailed to the BHAM secretary.
  • September BHAM Show –Volunteer Reviews presented for scoring and review by the selection committee. Total scores are tabulated by the chairman of the selection committee and the winner is determined. The selection committee has the discretion to identify tie-breaking criteria should a tie between applicants occur.
  • September/October – All American Buckskin Horse Congress – Presentation of the Jr. BHAM Scholarship winner on Sunday along with the presentation of the new Jr. BHAM Representative and Year End Division Saddle Winners.
  • A check for the amount of the scholarship will be issued by the BHAM Treasurer upon presentation of the scholarship winner’s letter of acceptance to an institution of higher learning (university, college, or trade school). This letter must be received on or before December 31st of the year of the recipient’s 19th birthday. If there is a failure to produce said letter by the date specified the funds are forfeited back to the Jr. BHAM Scholarship Fund.