Youth Representative Contest

B.H.A.M Youth Representative Contest

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Representative responsibilities:

  • Lead and motivate youth members
  • Hold office as President of the Jr. BHAM Youth Board
  • Solicit gift items for the following year’s Youth Representative
  • Author a monthly column for the Bullet
  • Become familiar with the BHAM rule book
  • Attend a minimum of two (2) BHAM Board meetings
  • Introduce incoming Representative at Buckskin Congress
  • Attend Buckskin Congress, Moonlight Futurity, Stallion Expo, and the North American Horse Spectacular
  • Participate in BHAM Youth Representative Selection Committee activities including recruitment of future candidates

Representative requirements:

  • Contestants must have been a member the proceeding year, as well as a current member in good standing of BHAM
  • Must never have been married
  • Must be at least 14 year old, but not more than 18 years old on or before 12/31 of the year competing
  • Contestants or immediate family must own a rideable 2 year old or older horse that is not a stallion. (The horse is not required to be buckskin.)
  • Each contestant must submit a short resume, to include experience in the horse field, along with their photograph. It must be understood that all responsibilities will be fulfilled, and done so in a responsible manner. Resume should highlight candidate’s experience and ability in all areas of representative position responsibility.

Representative selection:

Up to 20 points on resume
  • Resumes must be submitted by the first show date in June. Board will be informed of candidates at June meeting. Current Youth Representative will introduce candidates at lunch on Sunday show.
  • Resumes will be evaluated by Youth Representative Selection Committee members.
  • Criteria for evaluation as follows:
    • Horse Experience – 1-5 pts
    • Youth leadership experience – 1-5 pts
    • Experience in areas of other responsibilities – 1-5 pts
    • Grammar, spelling & overall appearance of resume – 1-5 pts
Up to 20 points on sportsmanship
  • Up to 20 points will be awarded by the Jr. BHAM Youth Advisor(s).
Up to 20 points on a horsemanship/equitation pattern
  • Ride will be completed and judged at the July show. Judges will be provided with evaluation forms to complete, sign and turn into Youth Representative Selection Committee Chair. Average total score will determine candidate’s final scores.
Up to 20 points on participation at the shows
  • 2 points per show given for participation in a minimum of one class
  • Up to 20 points on the interview with the board
  • Board members will be given an evaluation form to be completed, signed and returned todesignated committee member. Evaluation criteria:
    • Related experience – 1-5 points
    • Public speaking skills – 1-5 points
    • Personal presentation – 1-5 points
    • Knowledge of BHAM rule book – 1-5 points
  • Candidate’s final scores will be determined by average total score.
Total possible: 100 points

Score summary sheets will be presented and reviewed at the September board meeting for selection approval.
Resumes, evaluation forms, tally sheets and all pertinent notes will be submitted to the BHAM Board Secretary at the end of each year for archiving/storage.